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Work with me

Many people see me as a photographer portraying famous people, “celebrity photographer” I have been called. To me this is a distant and strange concept. Yes, I have photographed many hard working people who are often in the media. I love that side of my job, not that these people are famous, but they are talented, creative, interesting people, I’ve had a great pleasure and honor to portray.

My life is far from glamor and red carpets! I started as a documentary photographer and still working like this, as this is a great passion. I also photograph for books, commercial and reportage pictures to magazines.

Having arranged photography courses for many years, I have now taken the step to create a trendy online photography courses for mobile phone cameras! This I am really looking forward to!

I love working with creative people who are either completely inexperienced in front of the camera or have years of experience. People who have something they are passionate about and want what they work with shall be photographed and captured in the best possible visual way.

The most important thing for me in my job is to understand what you as my customer want to transform that into ideas for photography. We doodle together sparkling visual ideas to bring out the right message in the pictures.

You can read more about what I can help you with on the following pages: Entrepreneur Photo, photography, speeches and photography courses.


"Wish to take professional and smashing pictures with your cell phone? Get the secrets today!"
In the button : "Yes!"