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I love holding speeches!

I am speaking about different topics from my eventful career and I am giving away hot tips for photography. The brand new thing I am doing is to speak about how you can take professional and awesome pictures with your smart phone camera and pimp up the pictures with different apps. Please continue to read further from a speech presentation about me:




“Mona Nordøy is an award-winning photographerfrom Norway who studied photography at the famous Art Center College ofDesign in Los Angeles, CA.

Mona’s career has been like a two-sided adventurewith red carpets and saving her life in deep Africa. On one hand she works for the biggest magazines where she portrays famous and talented people such as actors Robin Williams, Geoffrey Rush and Harry Dean Stanton, actress Susan Sarandon and musician Beth Hart. On the other hand, during her 15 years long career she has been passionate about showing the world the truth about how things really are through her documentary reports from all over the world. She has for example had life threating experiences while following the AIDS situation in Botswana and heart-breaking adventures in Albania where she was following a help organization trying to stop trafficking of children to the sex industry. When she once again was sent out to document with her camera, this timeto the civil war and the child warriors in Sierra Leone, she met a young woman, Marion, who she connected deeply with. These strong experiences made her realize that she did not have the right to forget those peoples destiny. Back in Norway she was determined to help Marion and the children to get a better life through a project to build houses for women and children with amputated limbs. She arranged a successful photo exhibition where she sold pictures from Sierra Leone called “Under the Same Sky”. She raised a great amount of money, which she donated in total to this project. Two years later she visited Marion to celebrate the opening of all the newly built houses, and as a heart-warming surprise Marion had named her house after Mona and her daughter.



Basedon the experience of taking pictures ofall types of brave and hardworking people, Mona realized the huge impact one individual actually has. The fact that we are all only one person, and that each and one of us matter, and that we can createlife-changing events even alone,shifted Mona’s main focus to portray entrepreneurs. Mona has a unique eye for catching each person’sdistinctive collection of characteristics. When the portraitsreflectwhat the person and brand stand for the true wonders start to happen. The entrepreneurs will attract the right people to achieve their vision and mission in life. It is trulya passion for Mona to help entrepreneurs to get their message out to the world, so they can attract their target group and then again help and guide the people that need them.”

I am looking forward hearing from you and to learn about your event. Lets find out if our topics of interest can be a great match!

I wish you a fabulous day!



"Wish to take professional and smashing pictures with your cell phone? Get the secrets today!"
In the button : "Yes!"