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I can`t believe how amazing these pictures are, I think they are the best of my carrier. I had a wonderful time with you and never so much fun on any other shoot. Thank you so much. If you`d be willing to work with me on some other concept for the next record I would just love that.

-Beth Hart, musician.

Mona Nordøyhave taken pictures of me on several occasions and I have been so pleased with the results that every time I recommend her to everyone I know. She is totally amazing. She makes me relax during the photo shoots and she brings out the best in me. Perfect combination. Not often I like pictures of myself, but Mona has managed this feat multiple times

-GroHammerseng-Edin, handball player at the Norwegian national team



It’s insane pictures you take and you’ve managed to capture many of my traits in the portraits of me. I get grateful and warm of your compliments when your are photographingme and I am returningthe compliments back as it is about seeing and being seen and give and take. And you do something psychological in addition to your job that makes it is allowed to dare! There are number one in your field, Mona Nordøy. Thank you very much. It’s nice to be seen and I’m incredibly proud to work with you.

-Dennis Storhøi, actor

“Straighten your back, lean slightly to the left, but let your legs stand put. THERE YEEES! Lovely! Fantastic! “Photographer Mona is in action and it’s me she adjusts and applauds. It is easy to relax, surrender and allow yourself to be led by Mona. Superlatives trills and opens me, I relax and it is natural to smile in front of the otherwise “dead” camera lens. The constraints and adjustments from her gets the best out of different poses and I have today a large amount of pictures I can use for press, web and presentations. I’m super happy and can highly recommend Mona! Love you and LOVE YOU!: You are insanely talented and I look forward to use the pictures.

-Trine Åldstedt, author, NLP Coach and NLP Master Trainer

I have had the great pleasure of being photographed by Mona Nordøy – a once in a lifetime experience. I have huge respect for Monas work and looking at her track record I felt enormously humble before our meeting. Walking straight into Susan Sarandons portrait didn’t make it any easier. Still, with all her positive energy and unique personality Mona made me feel like the princess of the day.  A true artist. Lucky, and still humble, to have worked with her!’

-Christine Lundberg Høst, Vice President and Head of Business Relations Telenor Global Shared Services

"Wish to take professional and smashing pictures with your cell phone? Get the secrets today!"
In the button : "Yes!"