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Photography Course

Are you ready for something new? Join the Norwegian speaking online photography course for professionalmobile phone pictures!  I have had many photography courses for beginners and advanced hobbyists and established photographers. Courses to teach you to shoot manually with SLR camera and editing program Photoshop.


Times are changing rapidly and since I’ve gotten so many inquiries about how to take good pictures with the mobile phone camera I have now developed an online photography course(initially it will be for iPhone and mobiles with Androidsystem). I am very excited to show you and not least to teach you how to take much better pictures with a camera most of us walk around with in the pocket all the time.   In my online course for mobile cameras you will, for example, learn how to shoot better in low light, take good selfies and product images, how to use ingenious apps that enhance your photos, create collages, and put text on pictures. Want to know how you can quickly edit the skin to be radiant with a few keystrokes? The answer can be found in the course.  Instead of sitting a long time and work in various editing programs via Mac / PC in programs such as PIC MONKEY or Photoshop, you can quickly do many of the same methods on your phone. Previously I used such a long time in the program Photoshop to create collages, now I can do this on my smartphone in a few minutes.  Want to create catchy lyrics and images that stand out on social media? And you think you must be the most complicated programs on your computer? Not anymore, I’ll show you how!




This can be done on your mobile now and this is just the beginning, that’s why I find this so REVOLUTIONARY EXCITING. The quality of the images on mobile is still not optimal as a camera, but that said, it will not take long time before it will be.   Will you also be part of this exciting development and learn how you optimally take the best pictures with your phone? Write up on my list and I will send you cool tips on how to take awesome pictures with your mobile phone. Get my secret tricks to take the most awesome photos with your mobile phone – today, write up on the list you will find both the top and bottom of the page!  Wish you a glowing nice day!

"Wish to take professional and smashing pictures with your cell phone? Get the secrets today!"
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