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Hey there, so sparkling that you are visiting me here! You are welcome to look at my photographs, or check if I am the right one to take entrepreneurial pictures of you or your products. After working as a photographer for over 15 years I have had the great honor and pleasure to have worked with a whole range of hard-working, ambitious and successful people. Entrepreneurs and business leaders come in all kinds. Most of them have in common that they have taken the chance and jumped into the unknown, dared to go for their passion, given all in, suffered on the road, but never given up. It is fascinating and inspiring to experience these common traits.

It is certainly no secret that photography is my biggest passion in life. Would you have sold both your apartment and car, all your furniture, every bits and pieces, to follow your dream? As you understand this is what I did when I got into the prestigious Art Center Collage of Design in the United States. The first year was really tough and I almost gave up.  Have you also had several smaller dreams along the way towards the big goal? One of the things I had really wanted to experience while I was studying in the United States was to join LAPD in the field as a documentary photographer. After many rounds with the police authorities I finally got permission to be with the “tough guys” on the night shift during the weekends. I can promise you I experienced a lot of action and even with the life at stake some times! Here’s a picture of me in the helicopter with the LA Police Dep.

When I came back from the USA I was broke and without a camera. I started the pursuit of money, support and important contacts in the industry. It’s fun to think about all the crazy things you do to reach your dreams. Right at the start I began sending anonymous letters to the most famous Norwegian photographer with images from a book I had made in the United States. This I did in 1.5 months before I pulled myself together and called my hero. He had been very curious about who had been sending him these pictures and said he was about to search after me through help from media, because he loved the pictures!

From Innovation Norway I got fully established scholarship that allowed me to invest in my own studio in Oslo and camera equipment. I started working in the media industry, magazines and charities. I have had many wonderful and memorable, and deep and tragic reportage and documentary jobs. Many who have left lasting traces such as trafficking in Albania reportage and documentary about the HIV situation in Botswana.

A frantic quest for a magazine was when I was sent to Thailand with a journalist to live on a deserted island for a week without any food or contact with the outside world to create a report on how it was to be Robinson and Friday. Tropical storms and pirates who hunted us were some of the ingredients. That a deserted island is a paradise is very overrated. Although a week is a short time, one has enough time to become pretty hungry …

I was in Sierra Leonefor the first time in 2001 with a work project and met a young woman, Marion, with a very strong story. We connected very closely and we were in contact all the time via email afterwards. I had worked with so many similar documentaries and felt that I would do anything for this woman and her children. I felt so intensely that I had no right to forget what I had seen. Therefore I created an exhibition in summer 2006 called “Under the same sky.” I was very proud of it. All proceeds of this exhibition went to a project in Sierra Leone to build homes for amputated women and children. The exhibition sold for over $ 20 000. Two years later I went back to Sierra Leone and was part of a large official opening of the newly built houses for Marion and her little family. This is one of the biggest moments I’ve ever experienced. Her house has a plaque above the door, as it stands MONA & DINA cottage for me and my daughter. Christmas 2012 I got a call from Sierra Leone, it was Marion, she had a daughter, named Mona.


Being able to make a difference for people through photography is important to me. Being able to help you to stand out and radiate your best, so you can attract the right people to achieve your dreams, is my big goal when I take pictures of you. When I take pictures of you, I think the most important thing is that you have fun in front of the camera! I will make sure that you are relaxing and enjoying yourself. Then the images are also become the best.

Right at the end I have to reveal some of the latest I’m doing now: developing an online cell phone photography course! I have held photography courses for beginners and advanced photographers for five years and taught over a thousand students.

The needs for how we acquire learning are changing rapidly. We need new ways of learning, since we are always on the go and are busy at varying times. Then online course is perfectly. Meanwhile, the photography equipment we have at hand has also changed. Which camera is it that we always have with us? –The mobile phone camera! The course is at the time being only available in Norwegian.

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Wish you a sparkling day!

Photographer Mona

Oslo Photo and art school, Oslo
Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles

Solo exhibitions:
A Journey, Fotografia, Oslo, 1998
Under the same sky, crypt, Kongsvinger, 2006
Sentiment, Cultural Park Nor, 2013

Joint Trade:
Art in Kongsvinger, Tribute by Erik Werenskiold, 2011

Book Projects:
Charlotte Wild Cookbook Cappelen Publishing
Sentiment culture park Eng
Strength Bible for girls Kagge Publishing.

"Wish to take professional and smashing pictures with your cell phone? Get the secrets today!"
In the button : "Yes!"