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Entrepreneur Photo

Are you an entrepreneur that wants professional images that reflect your image and brand?

It is important that you realize that you as an entrepreneur are a brand by virtue of your own person. Thus, it becomes extremely important to bring out the right image of yourself through professional photos: You stand out from the crowd, and appear to be unique. You are clear and visible. The pictures make you appear far more professional and make sure the customer is willing to pay more for your services and you will be more attractive on the market. You will get more relevant and interesting work, when your talent is recognized. Professional photos portray you as the star in your niche and you will be known far beyond your target.



What first draw the attention are the pictures of you

They are eye catching. Professionally captured images brings up feelings, associations, reflecting your image, creates needs of something the consumer want or wish, thus creating a need for the customer that he or she only wants to have contact with you and buy your services. Studies show that if the customer is experiencing good feelings by looking at your pictures, the chance of sale increases with seventy percent. It does not matter how much money you spend on marketing, consulting, branding and web design if the pictures look amateurish, does not reflect the brand qualities, taken by a photographer who does not emphasize your brand, image is blurry, outdated, given the unfortunate angles, unfashionable or too dark. A potential customers confidence in your services crumble like a house of cards when your pictures exude anything but the message and your image. When the center piece shows something completely different than what you communicate oral and written customer gets confused and disappointed and confused customers disappear immediately.



  • Images are a fundamental part of being a consistent and strong brand that makes people know who you are and they know exactly what they can expect of you. You are clear and powerful, so you get the reputation you want. When you have clear images that reflect your image consumers will take faster decisions about wanting to work with you.
  • Through the images I pick off your unique personality, so that you stand out from the crowd. One of my greatest strengths is to get you to relax and think that it’s fun to be photographed. When you are natural and yourself in front of the camera you achieve the magical images that highlights your unique sides, your strengths and personality traits and distinctive character. Unique pictures makes you attract powerful, wonderful clients and audiences that you want and crave, thus you have fun, feel joy and love your job.
  • The pictures make you appear as a professional, so that you achieve financial freedom faster and reaches more, get higher profits and become more attractive, because people understand how unique you are and what you are offering.
  • The images will help you to create you a personal brand that makes you unique in your niche, so you get to be the preferred and even brightest star among your customers / audience / fans / media and thus when out with your message to the Norwegian country.
  • These photos will get your image and values to radiate, so that customers experience the full spectrum of associations sympathies, feelings, desires, status and needs that arise when it is exposed to your pictures.
  • I will help you to lift you and the business to the next level using amazing pictures.
  • I will help you to become visually strong on social media. Nowadays we link networks across borders, we have communication and selling our products online with people we never meet, so it is important that the receiver gets a fast and trustworthy picture of you. That it is the quality of the portrait of you and shows personal pages.
  • The images create you to be a living and personal brand so that the media and fans are attracted with all your real being, e.g. picture of a whole-hearted laugh, a twinkle in your eye, deep thoughts, vulnerability, a lovely smile with a few crooked teeth. People love that talented people like you are not perfect, but show human traits and are real too. It is attractive and make a professional and skilled person like you more approachable.



We have close communication before the actual day of shooting. This is important to get the optimum photos that reflect your personality and your image. In cooperation with you we work out the optimal visual ideas for you and your company.

Through close consultation beforehand I find out which locations are best suited to reflect your person. Furthermore, I spend a lot of time thinking about good ideas, unique photo compositions and environment that will suit you and your company best.

I do a lot of research about you before I will portray you, so I have a clear picture / sketch in front of me how to work best together. I take my previous experiences from the magazine world and to portray famous people in large tableaux into the entrepreneurial world.

It is important to clarify where and what the photos shall be used for, so they are photographed correctly, such as websites, social media, blogs, press releases, brochures and the like. When I take into account that for example, we need the extra space around the pictures to put text on them or shoot horizontally makes the best time lines.

The colors you have on your clothes are very important, if this should be reflected in the logo and company profile. Landscape and locations can also help to reflect your company’s profile and your abilities.

That you as an entrepreneur has high-quality pictures of yourself is important to me in order to catch the attention of potential customers. If you are in the beginning stages of a new business or blog is the visual part is very important to show whom you are. A consumer uses barely 15 seconds in on a webpage before deciding to read more or leave the page, so there’s barely any time to catch the attention on.

I think that your eyes are your mirrors outward. If they show that you are uncomfortable with being photographed will the portraits of you turn out bad. It’s my job to make sure you to get youto relax, feel comfortable in front of the camera and have fun. The most common compliment I get is that I get my customers to enjoy and have fun during the shoot. I want you to have a wonderful day with me. That’s when you create magic at the pictures, it’s when you do something different so it can lift your business up in the best possible way.

I look forward to hearing from you and to bring out your best and unique sides in the pictures of you!


"Wish to take professional and smashing pictures with your cell phone? Get the secrets today!"
In the button : "Yes!"